Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Dear friend, I'm sorry I didn't update my blog quite sometime. The main reason
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


After the event @Lushan we visited
several interesting places.

Ceramic center @Jingderzhen.
There were many factories and display rooms here with all kind of
ceramic products one could imagine.
We went to one of the factories that
provide many facilities with regard
to ceramic production.

This was my first experience painting
on ceramic plate which was quite
thick and heavy. After finished
painting it had to be heated in the
kiln for 24 hours so as to paste the
color on the plate.
I haven't seen the outcome yet because we were on the move.

The owner of the factory promised
to send me a photograph of the
finished work, and if I liked, would
send it to me.

The owner of the factory wanted me
to paint her portrait, and I did.

She seems to like it. She presented
me a piece of pottery for remembrance.

Visiting Yaoli was memorable.
It was an ancient preserved historical
site recognized by UNESCO.

The architecture was very unique.
I would stay a month here if
I could...

Left photo: The local was very eager
to explain many things to me. (in
Chinese off course!) Although I didn't
understand anything I could feel that
he was very proud of his place. He
deserved it!

Porcelain Historical Site at
Jing De Zhen.

It was remarkable to know that
they had use hydro technology to
pound stone into dust before
transformed it to become a desired
object made of porcelain.

We also visited tea pot center.

@ Zhejiang Art Museum.

Very lucky to be able to visit the
museum when several exhibitions
ran simultaneously.

Hide all

A chance to observe original works
by Joan Miro.

Many works from Grand Masters
were on display. This was one of
the paintings that won gold medal.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watercolor Painting Festival of Lushan 2009 (13-17/8/2009)

One of the most prestigious yearly
art event in the world held at Mt
Lushan Geo-Park. More than 3000 participants attended. It was organized by China Watercolor Art Society and Research Center (Website:http// and co-sponsored by Chinese Watercolor Magazine, World Architect Magazine and French Kangsung Paper Co.

The events included were invited
watercolor painting exhibition,
speeches by guest artists, round table
dialogues, open local painting competition and Interior Design drawing competition and cultural

Amongst invited participants outside
China were:-

Malaysia- Mr Tai Keik Hock (Daiichi
Modern Art Gallery), Mr Khoo Khay Tat (Vice President, Penang Watercolor Society) and me.

Singapore- Mr Goh Beng Kwan, Mr
Puah Ah Hwa & Mr Poh

Italy- Mr Jean-Luc Guerin, Mr
Roberto Castaldo and Mr Giuseppe

I was very excited to meet artist from
England, Mr David Paskett, President of Royal Watercolor Society of England. Both of us were featured in Watercolor Artist Magazine (US), issue June 2009. What a coincident!
We became instant friends and spent
many times together especially going
outdoor painting.
After the show he joined our group for another week on another art schedule.
He too has his own mission - to find a
publisher for his art book.

At Lushan artists were treated like
film stars. I had to sign many
autographs wherever I go in Lushan.
Since I had been to Lushan last year
many (students) had recognized me.
It was also due to the circulation of the
exhibition's catalogs. My last year's
speech as a guest speaker of the event
was also published in the catalogs.

Some students were quite crazy(?).
They want me to sign on their shirts,
pants, handkerchiefs. Some even
wanted me to sign on their bald head!

This was a round table dialogue in
conjunction with the inaugural
publication of art magazine :
Great Beauty.

I was always been followed by many art
students wherever I go painting on
location. They were very eager to see how I paint and I was happy to attend their questions.

It was never boring during painting.
They make a lively company, and a
helping hand too. I recalled it was raining while I was painting one afternoon and several students came
and sheltered me with their umbrellas
and insisted me to continue and I did,
till finished. What a memory!

One of the breath-taking view of
Lushan Mt.

Photos on the left in sequence:-

1. My painting exhibited at the show.
Title: Sabak #5
Presented to the organizer.

2. My plein-air painting @ Lushan.
Collection: Daiichi MA Gallery.

3. My plein-air painting @ Lushan.
(Mr David Paskett had painted me
with a group of students while I
was painting this scenery). The
painting was presented to the

4. Plein-air painting by notable
China artist, Mr Feng Xinqun

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

China - My Third Visit

I've received an invitation to joint
The Lu Shan Art Festival 2009,
China again (the first was last year). It
was remarkable and memorable
especially the opportunity to meet
renowned artists from China and
international, out-door painting and sight-seeing.
Just can't wait for more surprises...

I'll be leaving for Hang Zhou, China
this evening and will be back 24/8.

Left: Photo taken during my 1st
visit to China (2007)
Below left: Taken during my 1st
show at Lu Shan Painting Festival
last year.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kota Bharu Clock Tower

Erected in 2005, it was presented
by Mr Yosuke Yoshioka, the
Chairman of Rohm-Wako, Japan in line with the co-operation
and declaration of a Twin City
between Kota Bharu (Kelantan)
and Kasaoka (Japan).

Mr Yosuke had commissioned me
to paint the scenery. There were
rumors that the lane between
Buloh Kubu Bazaar and Central
Market (where the tower is
located) will be re-opened for
traffic due to expansion of the Central Market (now under construction). If this happened many stalls would be demolished and re-located.

To my understanding it is still
under discussion.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watercolor Workshop for UMK students
@ Lata Tembakah

Monday, July 20, 2009

Outdoor Painting Workshop

Last Saturday I was honored to
conduct an outdoor painting workshop
for students from Universiti Malaysia
Kelantan. The location was at Lata
Tembakah, Jerteh, Terengganu - a
forest reservation and favorite holiday
spot. There are many beautiful
waterfalls, ponds and clean running
streams that can take away our soul -
an unending source of inspiration for
artists and nature lovers.

The students were very enthusiastic
but what can be done in one day?
I've given some fundamentals in
watercolor as time permitted and
everybody was to paint on location.
I was always available for comments
and hands-on assistance.

I did one painting demonstration
(above left) to show how I work
and a chance for them to observe or
copy whenever necessary.

Everybody was happy and some
couldn't resist themselves from
plunging into the soothing water!

Happy painting!
Resident Artist @ Baitulummah

While in KL I was introduced to
Baitulummah Society, a subsidiary
of Strategic Corporate Alliance - a
company involves in professional
motivation and healing of some sort.

They had placed painting as part of
their menu for healing process. I liked
the idea and accepted the invitation
to be their guest artist.
They had created a website for me - It would take quite sometime for me to upgrade the content.

Thank you Sifu Mirza and all the
colleagues @Baitulummah.

Maran wc 56cmx76cm Collection Dato' Seri Idris Jusoh

The game is BIG

On June 30, I visited a solo exhibition
'Mosaics of Malaysia' by my artist
friend from China, Zhang Zhou at NAG. (We reside under the same
promoter Mr Tai Keik Hock of Daiichi
Modern Art Gallery). He has visited
my gallery and I've helped him get
images of Kelantan for his paintings.

All works are of Gallery's collection
in 10 years. Basically its an
interpretation of Malaysia in the eyes
of foreigner. His work is unique -
bright and strong impasto, hence the
title of his exhibition. About 100
works were put up but the shock for everybody was the size - almost all of 5' - 12' in length and
width. The show is still on. Congratulation. You've opened my eyes to the limit!